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Wood Classic Burn Tube: Front

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Replacement burn tube for the Wood Classic.   Preheated oxygen runs through these burn tubes to increase the efficiency of the appliance and reduce the amount of smoke emmissions.

Location: Front (1 of 4 front to back)
Quantity/Stove: 1

Replacement Instructions: (Tools: 7/16" wrench)
Make sure that the stove is sufficiently cool to work with.  Remove the bolt attaching the burn tube to the left side of the firebox.  Slide the burn tube to the right until it clears the side channel of the firebox.  Carefully raise the left side of the burn tube up and to the left until the right side of the tube can come down and out of the firebox. (this will slightly raise the baffle bricks in the stove.)  Place the new tube into the stove in the reverse order that the old was removed.  Replace the bolt and tighten.

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