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3/8" Door Pin

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Replacement door pins for the Tamarack/Wood Classic/Aspen door.

2- 3/8" x 1-1/4" Round head pins
2- 3/8" push on retainer washers

Installation Instructions: (tools required: flat blade screwdriver, pin punch, hammer)
Make sure that the door is sufficiently cool to work with.  If installed, remove retainer washers by carefully prying them off with a flat blade screwdriver or drive the pin out with a 1/2" pin punch. Take care that the door does not fall when the pins are removed.  Replace the old pins with the new pins.  Re-hang the door by lining up the pins with the hinges and hang the door.

Retainer Washer Installation:  To prevent the door pins from working up, you may secure the door on its hinges by installing these retaining washers on the bottom of the door pins. Install using 9/16 wrench (small door) or a 3/4 wrench (large door),  place retaining washer in the boxed end of the wrench and, placing your thumb on the top of the door pin, push the retaining washer onto the bottom of the door pin securing it to the bottom of the door hinge. 

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