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Glass gasket

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Replacement glass gasket for any Kuma wood stove or fireplace insert.

Includes: 4' of 3/4" self adhesive fiberglass tape gasket

Installation Instructions:

Door Removal:  (tools required: flat blade screwdriver, pin punch, hammer)
Make sure that the door is sufficiently cool to work with.  If installed, remove retainer washers by carefully prying them off with a flat blade screwdriver or drive the pin out with a 1/2" pin punch. Do not hammer directly on the bottom of the door pins as they will become damaged.  Take care that the door does not fall when the pins are removed.

Glass/Gasket Replacementl: (tools required: phillips screwdriver)
With a phillips screwdriver, remove the 7 screws that fasten the retainer to the door casting.  Remove the glass.  To re-gasket the glass you will need to remove the old gasket.  Center the 3/4" tape gasket on the edge of the glass, removing paper backing as you work the gasket around the glass.  Form the gasket evenly aroung both sides of the glass.  Re-install the glass, making sure that the Kuma logo reads correctly from the front side of the door.  Attach the glass retainer witht the 7 retainer screws and tighten evenly until snug.  Do not overtighten.

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