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Door gasket kit

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Door gasket replacement kit for any Kuma wood stove. 

4' of 5/8" medium density fiberglass rope gasket
6 oz. tube of fiberglass gasket cement.

Intallation Instructions: (tools required: flat blade screwdriver or small chisel and a pair of scissors)
Make sure that the door is sufficiently cool to work with.  Fiberglass can irritating.  You may want to use gloves and/or a particle mask.  Pull out the old gasket from the gasket track in the door.  Remove all glue and gasket remnants with screwdriver.  Place a 1/8" bead of the gasket cement in the bottom of the gasket track.  Start at the bottom corner of the door closest to the hinges.  Work the gasket into the track of the door slightly bunching the gasket as you go.  Trim the excess with scissors and tuck the fiberglass frays into the gasket track.  Allow the cement to dry for one hour before operating the stove.

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