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The Kuma model Sequoia is the most efficient wood stove available anywhere.  With an actual measured efficiency of 83.9%, as listed with the US EPA in April 2015, the Sequoia stands above all other wood stoves in overall efficiency.  With the highest efficiency available, the Sequoia will deliver more heat with less fuel.

The granddaddy of the Kuma Wood Stove line, the Sequoia is a large full convection heater capable of heating homes above 3500 square feet. An extra-heavy built unit, the Sequoia stove will take up to 23 inch logs and features a long burn time. Clean, simple lines and efficient performance makes the Sequoia a solid choice. Available as a freestanding stove or Fireplace insert. The Sequoia features a large convection chamber which, when used as a fireplace insert, maximizes the amount of heat entering the room, and all but eliminates heat loss into the chimney, even without a blower.

 Wood Length:
 Firebox Size: 3.6 Ft3
 Burn Time: 14 Hr.
 Efficiency (HHV): 83.9%
 Heating Capacity: 3500 Ft2

 Width: 30"
 Height: 32.5"
 Depth: 24"
 Weight: 515lbs
 Flue Size: 8"