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Sequoia Catalytic Clip

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Set of 2 stainless steel locking clips for the Sequoia baffle.  These clips secure the catalytic hold down clamp in place.

Baffle diagram:[Download]


Baffle removal, repair, and replacement  Instructions: (tools required: 9/16" socket wrench with 6" extension, bottle jack, scissors, pliers, baffle diagram for reference.)

1.  Remove the stove pipe or pull out the insert to gain access to the stove flue.
2.  With pliers remove the bypass rod by removing the cotter pin and the clevis pin that drops into the hex shaft.  Pull the damper rod all the way out of the stove.                                                                  
3.  Set a bottle jack underneath the center of the baffle and jack it up applying a small amount of pressure to the baffle.  Lubricate and remove the 4 main baffle bolts using a 9/16” socket with a 6” extension.  Slowly lower the jack balancing the baffle as it comes down.  The baffle is heavy; use proper lifting techniques. 
4.  Carefully remove the baffle from the stove.  Take note of how the bypass plate sets in the baffle and the location of all gasket material.
5.  Lift off the catalytic clips and remove the catalytic hold down clamp noting the location of the gaskets. Slide the catalytics out.
6.  Install the new cataytic combustors in the same location. (approximately 1” from the face of the baffle). Cut and use the gasket provided to achieve a snug fit.
7.  Replace the catalytic hold down clamp, re-gasket the top and sides of the clamp to achieve a snug fit.  Re-install the catalytic clips.
8.  Re-install the baffle set in the same manner that it was removed using the bottle jack. 
9.  Re-install the bypass rod with the clevis pin and the cotter pin.  Make sure all the bolts are snug.