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The Kuma "It's Covered Warranty"

The Kuma “It’s Covered”  Limited Warranty

We have carefully studied the hearth industry and have developed what we believe is the best warranty that is available for a wood stove today. This warranty, coupled with our convenient customer service, brings the peace of mind that should come with a quality built product.

Our Promise:

If anything goes wrong with your stove in the first three years, we will supply you with the parts to fix it.  For as long as you own your stove, if you ever have a defect in the material or workmanship of your stove’s firebox, we will repair or replace it for you.  See full details below:

Items Covered

Parts Coverage Period

Labor Coverage Period

Maintenance Items:  Bricks, gasket, ceramic insulation, baffle boards and paint.

3 Years

No Labor Coverage

Glass (thermal breakage), blowers, ash grate, brick supports, all hardware and trim.

5 Years

3 Years

Stove firebox, ash pan, pedestal, legs, burn tubes and door casting.


3 Years


Catalytic converters are warranted directly through the catalyst manufacturer please read warranty information included in your owner’s packet.

Warranty Coverage:

To ensure warranty coverage, it is very important that you register your Kuma Stove warranty within 30 days of purchase at kumastoves.com or fill out and return the warranty registration in your owners packet.  This warranty covers your new Kuma Stove from defects in material and workmanship for the period outlined in this warranty.  Kuma Stoves reserves the right to replace, repair or authorize repair of any defective part at it’s sole discretion.  This warranty is not transferrable and covers the original owner of the product from the time of purchase.  All parts that have been replaced under this warranty will have a 90 day warranty coverage.  The maximum value of this warranty is the original purchase price of the product.  This warranty is subject to the conditions and limitations outlined below.  This warranty covers stoves purchased from an authorized Kuma Stoves dealer.


Warranty Instructions:

For your “It’s Covered” warranty claim, please contact the dealer where you purchased your stove.  You may also contact Kuma stoves directly at 1-888-714-5294 or contact us online at kumastoves.com.  When calling you will need to have your proof of purchase, the model name, and the serial number of your stove.  When calling please remember that shipping and handling costs are not covered under this warranty.


Warranty Exclusions:

This Warranty does not cover: 1. Changes in the color of the surface of the stove as this naturally happens during the firing of the stove and is considered normal.  2. Damage to plating due to chemical cleaners, fingerprints, or scratching. 3. Shattered glass caused from wood impact.  4. Discoloration of plating or glass.  5.  Expansion and contraction of the firebox causing noise.  6. Damage caused from: power surges, unauthorized modifications, using incorrect fuel and/or accellerants, shipping/handling, failure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions, failure to follow any local building codes. 7. Damages to any product not manufactured by Kuma Stoves. 8. Any stoves ability to heat a specific area.  Heating capacity is given as a guideline and is not guaranteed. 9. Shipping costs or travel time.  Please talk with an authorized dealer or Kuma representative about the potential charges for travel or shipping. 10. This warranty is void in the case of abuse, over firing, unauthorized repair, alterations, improper installation and/or service.