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Looking To Buy a Wood Stove in the Fall?     Date added: 07/20/2011

If you plan on buying or replacing a wood stove this fall, here are a few points to consider while you do your research.  We have forged these principals into our products and into the way we do business.

1. Buy local- When researching a particular stove or fireplace insert, you should take some time to research the company that you are buying from.  At Kuma Stoves, we believe that you should have the support and knowledge of an experienced local retailer.  They can help you find the right size stove for your needs and also provide a safe installation and a lifetime of service for your purchase.  This is why Kuma Stoves are not sold online or in big box department stores.  Our products are only available through a network of knowledgable local retailers who specialize in providing parts and service for the products that we offer.  To find an authorized retailer in your area please visit our dealer locator and enter your zip code.

2. Buy quality- A quick way to find out if you are buying a durable wood stove or fireplace is to look at the material thickness and the overall weight of the product. Buying a wood stove is not like buying a sports car where you look for small and light to give you better performance.  A heavier built stove will indicate durable long lasting construction which is exactly what you want in a wood burning product. 

             Entry Level Wood Stove Weight Comparison

Manufacturer Model Heating Capacity (Sq. Ft.) Weight
Kuma Tamarack 800-1700 350
Country Striker 700-1400 310
Lopi Answer 750-1400 300
Englander 17-VL 800-1200 230

3. Buy American made- One of the highest priorities at Kuma Stoves is to use American made materials and to build 100% of our products in the U.S.A.  We believe that the American worker is the backbone of this country and we want to support them every way that we can.  Although "American Made" is no longer synonymous with "quality", we are striving to make that a reality again.