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New for the 2010/2011 Season     Date added: 03/12/2010

Spring is here, that means it is time to talk about what is new.  Here at the Kuma factory we have experienced a mild and slow winter so we are ready for something new and exciting.  So here is what is new and hopefully exciting for the 2010/2011 season.

1. New website- Take some time to browse our new catalog of wood stoves & inserts where you can compare features, read and write reviews, and customize the look of a Kuma wood stove.  We plan to start a video library where you can access helpful information concerning the operation and maintenance of your stove.

2. Newly redesigned model- The model Tamarack now has a pedestal option that is 2" taller (from 9" to 11").  The pedestal model now features a larger ashpan that will hold almost twice as much ash.

3. New Stove- (Now Available) Our reasearch and development team has designed and is developing a new wood burning unit.  The model Aspen is medium/small sized non-catalytic unit that is a complete double-wall design.  Like our model: Ashwood, this model will give out-of-the-box options for a free-standing stove or a fireplace insert.  Options will include a pedestal, any of our existing leg sets, a blower, and 2 fully adjustable surround sizes.   

4. We are pleased to announce that we have finished all of the necessary testing for our new soapstone accent kits and they are available for purchase now through your local Kuma Dealer.  These kits are extremely easy to install and will be a beautiful option.