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Why a hand-crafted stove?     Date added: 11/04/2009

Why are Handcrafted Wood Stoves Superior to Assembly Manufactured Stoves?

Kuma wood stoves are all handcrafted. You may wonder why this is such an important point to consider when shopping for a wood burning stove or even one of their other products oil or bio-diesel stoves. Let’s look at the differences in handcrafted stoves and assembly line manufactured products.
1.Pride in Product- One trained, professional craftsman builds one single stove and is responsible for the quality of that wood stove. Workers who work on assembly manufacturing lines which build stoves simply stick one or two parts onto a product and it moves away on the assembly line.  Who do you think would take more pride in their work? The person who builds a wood stove from start to finish to the person who sticks a part on a stove over and over again all day long? Obviously, the person who produces an entire product will worry more about doing things right the first time.

2. Accountability and Traceability- When a single person creates an entire handcrafted wood stove, it is easy for Quality Control to determine who made an inferior product if quality issues arise. Assembly line products seldom have any real traceability and accountability involved in the quality process.

3. More Eco-Friendly- Of course, craftspeople use tools but often these are pneumatic, hand-operated tools. Assembly lines use robots, belts to move parts and products through the assembly plant, and other processes which utilize energy – lots of energy. We all know that energy results in use of the Earth’s resources which are becoming more and more scare.

4. Human-Friendly- Handcrafting wood stoves involves lots of different body movement, thought processes, and is interesting work which does not cause repetitive motion disorders or mental and physical burnout if the work is done using good body mechanics. Assembly line manufacturing workers frequently have medical leaves due to repetitive motion problems and they often leave the workplace due to mental or physical burnout. After all, who wants to stick a widget onto a woodget 2,500 times per day, day after day?

5. Warranty- Kuma Wood Stoves are handcrafted from laser cut steel and offer a lifetime limited warranty. Most assembly line manufactured products offer, at best, a one or two year warranty. Why? Because of lower quality, the assembly line manufactured products are expected to fail after a period of time while quality handcrafted products will to last for many years.

6. Family Owned Business- Kuma Stoves remains a family owned and operated business. The owners know and care about their craftspeople. So many manufacturing plants are owned by big corporations that care little for anything except profit. Family owned and operated businesses must provide better quality and serviceability in their products or the consumer will turn to the (sometimes cheaper) assembly line products. In order to remain competitive, family owned must fight the big corporations which want to displace small town businesses.

In Closing- If you combined all these points, you’ll see that handcrafted stoves are superior in many ways because of the fact that they are handcrafted by caring, well-trained craftspeople. Before you buy any wood stove, consider these facts and balance price with quality to ensure you love the stove you choose.

This article was provided by Multi Fuel Stoves and  they reccomend that all stove owners should read their page about wood stove safety.