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Seasons Of The Hearth - The lefts and rights of November     Date added: 11/21/2012

Seasons Of The Hearth

Tim Franey

By Tim Franey





November is a great time of year for deer hunting, voting, Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving. I was thinking about the lefts and rights of this season while out deer hunting recently. This is because as I was winding my way deeper and deeper into an unfamiliar area on a network of forest service roads I was making a mental map so I'd be able to remember how to get back out... "ok- left and then right...another right, right again, two lefts and a right and I should be on the main road again..."

We've been getting phone calls from the right. Hearing radio ads from the left. Newspaper ads from the right. Lawn signs from left. It's nice when that season goes away for awhile after we drop our ballot in the box.

We wouldn't even have that great right if it weren't for the veterans. At school, our two daughters have been learning the anthems for all five branches of the U.S. military for their Veteran's Day program.

They march around the house singing "From the Halls of Montezuma..." You don't have to be a vet to know the most familiar marching cadence of all; "Left--Left--Left-Right-Left"

The wood stove is not to be left out of this Left-Right business. Here's a technique you might like to try.

While the "normal" way to load your fire wood in a Kuma stove is the ends running front to back, the left to right way also has it's place. Pulling the coal bed forward to the front of the stove and then placing the logs in the stove behind the hot coals with the ends running left to right, will result in a more gradually developing fire. This is because the air mostly comes into the stove at the front and the logs turned left-right act as "speed bumps" to the spreading fire. This slower fire is perfect for mild weather. It's also nice for an ambiance fire you might like to have on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Leave the air control open for the entire burn cycle and you'll have a gentle, "natural" looking fire.


The privilege to hunt, right to vote, and people who have stood up- and continue to stand up- to defend freedom... So much to be thankful for this season...warm homes and glowing hearths. Here's wishing you a right Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy all those leftovers!



11/29/2012, 12:58 PM

"You are the most clever, witty, interesting writer I have ever read. Have you ever thought about writing screenplays?? "

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