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Seasons Of The Hearth - Putting Fire On A Pedestal     Date added: 09/14/2012

Seasons Of The Hearth

Tim Franey

         By Tim Franey


Putting Fire On A Pedestal

Football Coach Mack Brown of the Texas Longhorns (National Champions 2005, Coach of the Year 2005) once said "We're sitting up on a high pedestal...and a real easy target." And we've probably all heard the saying "Don't put me on a pedestal" or " I'm afraid of heights."

But I'm saying' "Enough with this pedestal-phobia... let's get some fire elevation elation!"

Why? Here's some favorite reasons to raise the fire.


Easier loading- Save some unnecessary bending of the back and knees. With our warranty, a KUMA stove is truly a lifetime investment. Regardless of age at the time of purchase, when the KUMA owner is old and gray they will be glad they "raised their stove right."

Safety- A stove that's higher off the floor is less likely to be touched by little fingers, brushed by wagging tails, etc.

Beauty- The self cleaning glass window on a KUMA is most enjoyed when at a television height. Our Wood Classic is situated so that when we sit on the couch and look across the room we're eyelevel with the firebox.

We love watch not only the ripping, dancing or soft flames on the logs as they burn through their cycle, but also the bright blue, yellow and sometimes purple flames coming from the secondary burn system at the top of the stove.


The Ashwood on a pedestal (shown below) is a good example of the impressive look of an elevated stove. A custom built-up hearth or hearth pad riser kit may also be needed to get the stove at the desired height. Now, my favorite reason for putting a KUMA stove on a pedestal is installing the ash drawer.**

My love for the ash drawer goes deep and warrants an article of it's own so we'll save that for the future. So, until next time; Fire isn't afraid of heights...Go ahead and put it on a pedestal.


Ashwood on a pedestal