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The Newly Redesigned 2012 Sequoia     Date added: 11/14/2011
New Sequoia
 I was recently browsing through EPA's 2011 list of certified wood stoves and I was surprised to see that our original stove, the one that started Kuma stoves, is still one the highest heat output stoves on the market today.  So I dug into it a little more and found that the Sequoia (Formerly known as the K-300/K-400) ranks 9th in BTU output out of over 900 wood burning products on the market today. Click here to see the 2011 EPA wood heater list. 


Since the Sequoia is a huge heater and, in a sense, the flagship of the Kuma wood stove line, we have decided to redesign and present to you a fresh look at our oldest stoveThe new Sequoia is in production and available now.


What is new?


Outside Air Capable - Like our model Ashwood , the Sequoia now has a

4" bottom and rear fresh air inlet.


Single air control -  The stove is now controlled by a single side mounted air control instead of the double sliders on the face of the stove.


Ash lip - The Sequoia now comes standard with an ash lip


New blower mount design - The blower now mounts with 2 cap nuts to the bottom of the ash lip instead of bolting to the bottom of the stove.


What is the same?


Still a beast - A 500 lb. catalytic stove with an 8" flue is not for the casual wood burner, but it fills the niche for those who want tons of heat, long burn times, and the ability to load huge chunks of wood. 

Powerful natural convection- If you have never seen this stove in action then you need to watch the video below to see the way that the Sequoia blasts the heat out better than at least 99% of the stoves on the market today.