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The Future Of Wood Stoves and Fireplace Inserts Is Here

Line upHybrid Technology

Kuma is introducing Hybrid Burn Technology into our new line of low emission EPA certified wood heaters. Available Fall 2019.

What is a Hybrid Stove?
A hybrid stove places 2 distinct burn systems into the firebox of the stove each with their own unique advantages. The first is the thermal combustion system or burn tubes. Burn tubes work great at temperatures above 1000° so on high burn rates, hybrid stoves will burn cleaner than a stove that uses only a catalytic combustor. The second is the catalytic combustor system which lowers the temperature at which wood smoke will burn down to 500° so on medium and low burn rates, hybrid stoves will burn cleaner than a stove that uses only burn tubes.

1. The Advantages of Hybrid Technology:
BETTER BURN TIME.  BETTER EFFICIENCY. CLEANER GLASS.  Kuma's new low emission burn system is the best technology for meeting emissions standards without sacrificing the features that our customers love.  Kuma is dedicated to providing long burn times, high efficiencies and self cleaning glass doors.

2. Next Generation Combustor:
The combustor in a new Kuma wood heater is constructed of a durable metal alloy that is cased in thick stainless steel for excellent mechanical stability.  We have designed the combustor to remove in seconds making maintenance and replacement easy.  Our combustor comes with a 12 year warranty.

3. Simplified Baffle:
We have eliminated bricks in the top of the stove and designed an insulated stainless steel baffle system. This one piece baffle has a unique ribbed design for superior strength and can be easily removed for cleaning.

4. Convenient Bypass:
The conveniently located bypass allows the stove to operate more efficiently during start-up and prevent smoking while you are re-loading your stove.  Chimney cleaning is possible through the bypass opening.